Digital Health Care

Western Europe is currently in the midst of an unavoidable paradigm shift. An increasingly aging population means more patients, a proportional rise in chronic diseases, and increased demand for constant medical care. The medical treatments[…]

Integrative Urban Design

Problem-oriented work is nothing new for students of urban design. Hence, most urban design curricula focus on the implementation of engineering knowledge. However, assessing environmental problems in discussions with scientists opens up very different perspectives.[…]


Throughout the 2016-17 winter semester, the graduate seminar Urbanisation, Cities and Environment taught by Gunnar Hartmann at DIA Graduate School of Architecture explored the potential aims and means of achieving integrative urban design practices in the future.[…]


Our workshop with graduate students in Noida revealed some peculiar yet distressing practices that are prevalent in informal settlements of dense cities. Covering an area of 189,000 square meters, right below a high voltage transmission[…]

Source Book Urban Design

For the urban designer today, the question arises of how to engage in the increasingly complex design process. One possible first response: urban designers ought to acknowledge that the familiar sphere of their profession is[…]

New Dialogues Publisher

Faced with overwhelming evidence of our interrelatedness, from our bodies to our environment to our sociopolitical behaviour, we no longer have a choice other than to broaden our approach as we address the world’s growing[…]