Brussels – KU Leuven

Kris Scheerlinck (KU Leuven, BE), Zegeye Cherenet (EiABC, Addis Ababa, ET), Helawi Sewnet Beshah (Addis Ababa City Administration, ET), and Gunnar Hartmann (New Dialogues, Berlin, DE) at the Faculty of Architecture of KU Leuven in Brussels. Following a daylong research seminar on markets in emerging contexts by the research group “Urban Projects, Collective Spaces & Local Identities” and just before the opening of the exhibition on Merkato, Addis Ababa by Streetscape Territories, an engaging debate on The Market and the City took place. Thanks to Chukwuemeka Vincent Chukwuemeka (PhD Candidate, KU Leuven) and the faculty for the invitation.