Global Solutions Dialogue / Intersecting

A global lockdown took over the world in 2020. Caught off-guard and ignoring many risk warnings, our interconnected and urbanizing planet suddenly stood still and revealed its fragilities, imbalances and changing geographies. In times of staggering disruptions, no recovery will ultimately be accomplished without a collective effort to join forces, across institutional, disciplinary expertise as well as leadership boundaries.

INTERSECTING is a call to revive public goods and create the infrastructure of a new sustainable economy. ‘We must chart a new course for digital governance’ (Dennis J. Snower), as vaccines are developed and nations and cities prepare recovery investments. INTERSECTING started as a series of dialogues, nurtured by over a dozen panels and policy papers in the context of the Global Solutions Summit, the Think-tank 20, and with the support of GIZ. INTERSECTING has engaged more than 100 contributors from all continents, and 70 co-authors, with the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as knowledge partners.

INTERSECTING, a sustainable urbanization and infrastructure response to the COVID-19 Crisis, is an epic journey from ‘disease’ and to multilateral ‘agendas’. It is a collective reflection on a major crisis of our urban age, which even beyond the pandemic, is one of profound mutations where people’s voices need to be heard.

This publication bundle (310 pages) includes the following format: PDF