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Intersecting Volume 04/2021

Intersecting Volume 04/2021: Sustainable Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic
#fragmentation #generation #knowledge

A global lockdown took over the world in 2020. Caught off-guard and ignoring many risk warnings, our interconnected and urbanizing planet suddenly stood still and revealed its fragilities, imbalances and changing geographies. In times of staggering disruptions, no recovery will ultimately be accomplished without a collective effort to join forces, across institutional, disciplinary expertise as well as leadership boundaries.

INTERSECTING cuts through strategic policy areas from developed and emerging countries. It builds upon multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary, and multi-stakeholder approaches. INTERSECTING has been launched by the Global Solutions Initiative and GIZ and is distributed by the Global Solutions Initiative. It is geared towards think tanks, civil organizations, international institutions, in particular the G20/T20. It addresses established and future generations of leaders in public and private spheres. 

INTERSECTING is available as an e-book in PDF format free of charge or as hardcopy. It has been edited and illustrated by Nicolas J.A. Buchoud, fellow of the Global Solutions Initiative, Holger Kuhle, policy advisor for strategic knowledge partnerships at GIZ, and Gunnar Hartmann, co-found of New Dialogues and publisher of INTERSECTING.

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