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Intersecting Volume 07/2022

Intersecting Volume 07/2022: Bending the Linear Economy
On Plastics
#transitions #frameworks #responsibility

We have applied the INTERSECTING approach to the issue of plastics as a first step in a wider exploration of how to bend the classical, linear economy. Working across disciplines, spheres of knowledge and policy making has resulted in powerful synergies and enlarged perspectives. We have also found that the risks of disconnections between high-income and low-income economies have grown since the pandemic outbreak.

We are united in and by plastics but reaching out to and implementing large-scale solutions to massively reduce plastic waste depends on working with a fragmented global governance system. Addressing the plastics issue means solving one of the most challenging dilemmas of contemporary economics. The task is urgent as reports show an acceleration of ecosystems degradation and a week global ability to shape effective global responses.

This seventh volume of the INTERSECTING series builds on implicit institutional and procedural knowledge of stakeholders from business and politics to society across nine interconnected dimensions: #markets #transitions #justice # models #frameworks #benefits #industry #responsibility #leadership

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